Our Favourite places for Spring Travels

Now that Christmas and the New Year are finished, we’re starting to think about the Spring. The nights are slowly drawing out and we can see little peaks of the warmer weather coming through. So to brighten up a dull and dreary day (Yes we have just contradicted ourselves here, it’s not Spring yet!) Here are 5 destinations we want to go to on our Spring travels.

Andalusia, Spain

What more can you want? Beauty, warmth, and lots of places to go and see. Andalusia offers beautiful displays of wild flowers, mountains, and warm sunshine. So while we are all shivering away and putting up umbrella’s, it may just be the break that you need.

The Canaries

You can never really go wrong with the Canary Isles. Sunshine is in abundance and even in the depths of Winter, in the UK, the climate remains temperate. Just 4 hours away on a plane and you’ll be bathing on the beach.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Being in Northern Europe, you are never going to get warm weather in March but we think Amsterdam is beautiful any time of the year. The eclectic streets, stunning architecture and the ease of getting there all make Amsterdam a firm favourite of ours for short Spring travels.

Krakow, Poland

For those of you who have already visited Krakow, you don’t need us to tell you just quite how pretty this Polish city is. We’ll be honest, it’s still quite chilly there, so pack some warm jumpers and a woolly hat but the charm of Krakow will make all thoughts of being cold disappear instantly when you see the Old Krakow, it’s markets and beautiful buildings. Plus, there are a lot less tourists than the ever-popular Prague, so is ideal for a quick getaway.

The Cotswolds, England

We just had to have a British destination on here and we don’t think you can beat the Cotswolds during the Spring (Although try to avoid the Cheltenham Festival Week as hotel and holiday rental prices will be astronomical). Although it won’t be warm enough for eating out, the Cotswolds offers gorgeous scenery, lots of old buildings and a unique appeal that you won’t find anywhere abroad.

Do you have a favourite place to visit during the Spring? If so, we want to hear about it. Let us know where it is and a picture and we’ll post it on our Social Media pages.

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