Choosing the right piece of luggage

With so many travel options available, we know it can be difficult to make a choose that right piece of luggage for your needs. At any one time, we have around 5,500 + products on offer and we do appreciate the prospect of just choosing one out of that amount can seem a bit daunting. So today, we are giving the lowdown on what each piece of luggage has to offer.

2 Wheel Suitcases

2 Wheeled luggage is often lighter than their 4 wheeled brothers but the 4 wheeled models do offer a better manoeuvrability. With this in mind, it is often a case of making a compromise between lightness or mobility.

4 Wheel Spinner Cases

As we have covered above, 4 Wheel Spinner Luggage offers a supreme manoeuvrability in any direction, giving a smooth and easy journey. Carry handles to spinner models allow the suitcases to be picked up and carried where needed. We are now seeing some models from Delsey that offer removable wheels, allowing them to still fit into the cabin sized restrictions.

Cabin Luggage

Cabin Suitcases have always been one of our bestselling luggage options for our customers. With a massive increase in the amount of cabin sized cases available, the increase in sales doesn’t come as a shock to us. We admit the prospect of travelling with just a cabin size suitcase can seem daunting but remember that the capacities in cabin cases that we are seeing now are pretty much the same as what you would have gotten with a medium sized suitcase just 10 years ago.

Secure Luggage

We honestly cannot emphasise the importance of having TSA locks on your luggage. TSA Locks offer exceptional security to your suitcases and are also quite important when travelling to America. Without an efficient locking system, US customs can open your travel bag using any force necessary, leaving you with potentially a ripped zip and damaged suitcase.

Expandable SuitcasesAmerican Tourister Herolite

These aren’t a necessity but are pretty useful for those of us who end up coming back with more than we left with. Expandable luggage can be split into 3 categories; hard side expandable cases; soft shell expandable luggage and expandable cabin luggage. We have recently done a blog on this – Read the full guide here.

Wheeled Holdalls

Just a couple of years ago, the duffle or wheeled holdall was a piece of luggage who was only really used by students. Not anymore! Our wheeled duffle’s are fast becoming a very popular choice for the user who needs an item of luggage with large capacities and one which can be easily transported around.

Garment Carriers

Garment Carriers are, as the name suggests, great for the carrying around of suits, dresses and posh clothing that you don’t want to get creased and crumpled in a suitcase. Made from a variety of materials such as leather, polyester or nylon, garment carriers are lightweight and make a great addition to suitcases and other types of luggage.

Holdalls & Duffle Bags

It doesn’t matter what you call them; A holdall; Grip Bag; Duffle or even Duffel. They are all the same sort a bag. Offering a very lightweight option, without wheels (Which makes them wheeled holdalls) a duffle bag is a versatile bag to have and can be used for a variety of different things. Gym bag, storage, travel bag… The list really is endless.

Soft Sided Suitcases

The Grandad of luggage. At one time the only suitcase you could get was one which was of a soft side or material construction. They are lightweight, often have generous capacities and can come with a variety of features. Look out for a high denier construction, high deniers mean strength – Something which is really quite important when you are looking for a suitcase that won’t tear and rip.

Hard Shell Suitcases

Hard Shell outers offer additional protection to your luggage, giving a tough and hard-wearing exterior. We now have a huge collection of hard side suitcases available, in a variety of materials from Polypropylene, ABS, Polycarbonate, Curv®, just to name a few.

Luggage Sets

Lastly, we have luggage sets. As one of the largest independent online retailers of luggage, we Luggage Setsare really blessed to be able to offer a collection of suitcases that is as extensive as it is. Luggage Sets make up a good proportion of our sales and offer great value for money. The benefits of luggage sets are their ability to be able to cater to a variety of journey lengths, making them ideal for families or those who never quite know where their next journey will be.

We are committed to providing unrivalled service to our customers. If you have a question, we will be delighted to answer it. Our telephone lines are manned by highly trained staff who have years of experience and who have undergone extensive product training, so you can be assured that we really do know our stuff. So, if you are confused, need a little bit of impartial advice or just want to chat to someone about your new purchase, please do give us a call and a member of our team will happily guide you through the process of finding your new item of luggage.

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