Expandable Luggage Types

Expandable Luggage has always been one of our bestselling categories. The increasing innovation of the expanding suitcase is one which has come as a welcome essential to a lot of our customers offering a little more flexibility than the normal, none-expanding luggage options. Today we will consider the main types of expandable luggage and what each one offers.

Soft Side Expandable Suitcases

American Tourister Herolite Soft Shell Expandable Luggage

These are our more traditionally built suitcases. They bring a lightweight luggage option to the market and will come in a choice of 2 or 4 wheel spinner types. The 2 wheel options are often a little lighter than the 4-wheel spinner suitcases and so a compromise has to be made on the mobility of the luggage. However, our top luggage brands are designing suitcases that are becoming ever lighter, so it won't be that long before we are seeing spinner luggage that weighs the same as 2-wheel upright types. As the soft shell expandable suitcases have been on the market longer than the hard side options, these are sometimes a more affordable option.

Hard Shell Expandable Suitcases

American Tourister Air Force 1 Expandable Suitcase

The brilliance of the hard shell expandable luggage options have only been on offer for the last couple of years. They bring a new concept to the expandable functionality of suitcases by allowing a hardshell outer with expandability. These suitcases are tougher, hard-wearing and allow greater protection to the internal contents of a suitcase. Hardside expandable suitcases nearly always come fitted with 4 wheels, also offering a supremely smooth journey. They are sometimes a little heavier than the soft side luggage options but this is purely down to the materials used to make them and the added protection that they offer. As we have covered above, they are also sometimes a more pricier option than the softer options but we predict the cost will go down as they become more readily available.

Cabin Size Expandable LuggageDelsey Montmartre Air Cabin Size Expandable Suitcase

The availability of expandable cabin luggage is on the increase and we are seeing a definite positive trend in the amount of cabin friendly expandable suitcases available to our customers. A cabin suitcase that is expandable is starting to become the staple go-to item of the frequent or occasional traveller and it is easy to see why. Functionality, lightness and ease of use are all rolled into one compact package, while still allowing the suitcase to be placed into cabin luggage. Just a word of warning though – Check the expandable sizes before travelling, as the none expanded sizes may fit into the airline on your journey out and we don’t want you to face the large fees on the way home.

Now that you know what expandable luggage is available, you can have a look at what expandable suitcases we have available at Luggage Superstore

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