Packing Tips for Skiing Holidays

With winter rapidly approaching, you may be thinking about booking your next holiday in the sunshine, or perhaps it's a fun, active skiing holiday that you're planning? Either way, now is a great time to read our Top 10 Packing Tips for skiing breaks.

  • First things first, give yourself the best chance of being able to take everything your heart desires on holiday with you, and get yourself an expandable suitcase! Check out some of our favourite expandable luggage here
  • If it's in your wardrobe, 'just in case', and you haven't worn it for 5 years,  you probably aren't going to wear it on holiday either. Donate it to charity and don't waste your precious luggage space taking it, 'just in case'
  • Chances are, everything will go smoothly, and your luggage wont be lost. However, for some unfortunate souls, there is always that possibility. Put some absolute essentials in your cabin luggage, just in case, so at least you have something to wear to tide you over for a couple of days.
  • Some people look awesome in a hat, any hat, any type. Nobody, however, looks good in a squashed hat. If you don't fancy wearing it throughout your journey, pack the inside of your hat with socks to avoid it becoming a flat hat during transit.
  • Vacuum packs can be a good idea and you can just squeeze all the air out. This can save you lots of space and also can help to protect your clothes should you have a shampoo explosion or similar!
  • Lay out everything you intend to take before you pack it. Then be ruthless and get rid of a third of it. We guarantee you wont wear everything you take! When considering which 2 thirds will be the lucky ones, try not to think about entire outfits. Pick items that can be worn with many other colours, and those that can be dressed up for dinner and dressed down for relaxing.
  • Never underestimate the power of a scarf. They have so many uses; a sarong for the beach, a cover up for walking through town on the way to the bars, and of course as a gorgeous accessory for night time drinking and dining. Best of all, they take up hardly any room in your case!
  • You really can save space by rolling items up, and it will help prevent creasing too. Anything that will crease especially badly or is tailored should be turned inside out and packed with the sleeves tucked in.
  • Invest in luggage with TSA approved locks. If your bag is selected for random checking by security, they have authority to break any padlocks you have put on.
  • It sounds obvious, but make sure you know what you are allowed. Know your weight limit and buy a set of luggage scales to avoid any unnecessary charges. If you are taking cabin luggage, again check the weight and size limit you are allowed, as well as prohibited items.
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