Welcome Fūl Luggage, Backpacks & Duffle’s

We have just launched a brand-new brand to Luggage Superstore called Fūl. For those of you who have not heard of Fūl, where have you been? Fūl Luggage is a cool, quirky, and desirable brand that has been taking the celebrity world by storm, with celebs using the backpacks, duffle’s and suitcases to transport everything they need.

The list of things that we love about Fūl is large, so we’ll split each category down and tell you exactly what each section offers and why we think it is so desirable.

Fūl Suitcases

The Fūl Suitcases have a real sense of charm about them. Offered in a really large choice of styles and colours, these suitcases will appeal to the younger generation who require a suitcase that will stand them out from the crowd. With prints such as the funky Flamingo, Sunglasses & Ridgeline available, we are pretty confident that everyone will find a style that suits their personal taste. For those who prefer a more traditional look, the Payload or Load Rider may well suit better and offers a selection of colours without the added print designs.

Fūl Backpacks

The choice of backpacks on offer is impressive with styles such as the fashionable Slingback on offer as well. Available with laptop compartments, clever detailing, and an array of interior organisation features, we can easily see why we are selling a fair few of these already. Furthermore, the Maverick is available in one of the largest choices of colours, giving a unique style to the user who craves a touch of colour.

Fūl Duffle’s

In the last 5 years or so, we have seen a huge increase in the number of wheeled holdalls that we are selling and it’s not difficult to see why. Generally rolling duffle’s have a greater capacity than a suitcase and are often a little lighter than the traditional suitcases as well. Additionally, they pack away much better, making them perfect for the user who may find storage a little tight. The collection of wheeled duffels on offer from Fūl bring a real sense of freedom and no nonsense styling to the wheeled holdall market. They are tough, bold and are able to carry a lot of kit around – Ideal for those of us who like to pack a lot into our luggage.

Fūl was only launched from Luggage Superstore in June 2017 and so far, we are really impressed. Each bag has been very carefully designed to provide maximum capacities with an array of functional organisation features to ensure a smooth and easier journey. With a selection of products available, there is something for everyone. Shop for Fūl Luggage at Luggage Superstore today and invest in quality luggage that has been built to last.

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