Pilot Case

Pilot Case

If you travel often to meet those sales targets, you should have a professional and high on comfort bag in your possession to make your travel experience a pleasant one. A pilot case is the perfect example of a business trolley that is high on comfort and utility as well. It is mostly a large bag that is designed to carry necessary business documents and folders, and sometimes even business products too. 

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  1. 15.6" Screen Laptop
  2. 17" Screen Laptop
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Pilot cases are compact boxes that have wheels at the bottom and that eases your travel a lot. It enhances the mobility of the case which allows you to move much faster in and out of crowded airports or other public transport stations. Also, there are different varieties in pilot cases. Some are two-wheeled, while others rest on four wheels. Those resting on four wheels have an added advantage as they can be tilted on two wheels any time whenever you need to walk faster. There is an abundance of space at your disposal, making them perfect for the travelling salesperson.

At Luggage UK, we offer the largest range of pilot cases to our customers. You get access to some of the top brands for business luggage such as Tassia and Samsonite which gives you the peace of mind that these products are made of the highest quality material and are meant to last. Each product has specific features that vary such as the number of compartments, pockets and weight. Also, there are colour and texture variations and the kind of material used varies too.