With luggage by Epic Travelgear, you will never have to choose sensible features over stunning styles as the EPIC Travelgear brand has both. Designed from incredibly durable fabrics and materials, the EPIC suitcases feature a wide range of unique designs. No matter whether you prefer subtle polka dots, bright pastels or sleek hard-shell cases – you are sure to find luggage from EPIC that suits your personality and style. Your suitcases are an extension of you, which is why EPIC have embraced a number of different patterns, colours and styles into their range. Many of the Epic suitcases on offer from Luggage UK are built from extremely durable fabrics and strong-moulded walls whilst others opt for a soft-body approach which allows the EPIC suitcase to be expanded and push to its absolute limits! Each product comes with an extended warranty of either 5 or 7 years, giving that little extra peace of mind that it has been built to last.
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EPIC Luggage

EPIC Travelgear are a Scandinavian based company who are renowned for producing super high quality luggage at an affordable price. Each piece has been carefully constructed from the highest quality materials to create luggage that has been built to last. The addition of patented features such as the outer shells, wheels and hardware offer a unique take upon suitcases and ensure that EPIC are held in high regard for their quality and lightness. The company is also held in such high regard because of their complete dedication to providing arguably the highest level of service amongst any of the luggage manufacturers. All of the EPIC luggage pieces on offer come with an impressive five year or seven warranty for your own peace of mind – this just emphasises the fact that the company builds their EPIC suitcases to go the distance

Why Buy EPIC Luggage at Luggage UK?

Here at Luggage UK, we are dedicated to providing you with the best luggage on the market at competitive prices. We know that you want the highest standards at the best possible prices, which is why we will always strive to ensure that there is luggage for every customer at Luggage UK. When you place an order for EPIC luggage from us, we will get your suitcase to you as soon as possible. For Epic luggage that is perfect for your next journey, choose Luggage UK.

If you would like more details about our luggage by EPIC, or if you would like to know more about our services and other products, contact Luggage UK today. We will be more than happy to find luggage solutions that are just right for you.