it Luggage

In 2018 Luggage UK took our first delivery of it Luggage and we are delighted to be offering this internationally recognised luggage brand to our customers. With a great choice of suitcases available, from the Cabin Suitcases to the Family Friendly Luggage, it luggage has it all. With award winning designs and being the manufacturer of the World’s Lightest, it Luggage has pushed the boundaries as to what their customers expect from their luggage and with over 30 years of experience, it Luggage has become a household name within the travel industry for producing quality suitcases and luggage that are both affordable and stylish.

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“We believe everyone deserves functional, good looking luggage. But more than that, we deserve choice. The opportunity to choose luggage that fits our style and our mood.”

Innovative Luggage

The it Luggage brand was first established in 1985 in London. At the start of the brand, it Luggage was known at Landor Ltd, who were the first UK luggage company to import suitcases and luggage from China, ensuring that quality luggage was both affordable and fashionable. The company became known as it Luggage in 2011 after re-branding and has become the brand that we all know and love today. The name it Luggage derived from the sub-brand of the original Landor & Hawa, “International Traveller”, reflecting perfectly the IT Luggage core values for producing quality for everybody. Being inclusive, not exclusive. With innovation at the forefront of the brand, it Luggage is able to boast of having patents on The World’s Lightest, Frameless Luggage and their Polycarbonate Expander Suitcase. All clever ideas that have been created to make travelling with luggage that little bit easier.

High-Quality Luggage

With a reputation for supplying luggage with passion and innovation, the it Luggage brand now spans 46 countries around the world and is proud to produce over 7 million products in a year, taking the total overall production to over 60 million units. It Luggage has received a reputation for ensuring high standards across every item that has been produced by them and with outstanding performance results, it Luggage is a brand that takes quality, performance and reliability seriously and the 10 Year warranty that comes as standard further enhances the trust that customers can have in the it Suitcases. Performance testing covers all aspects of the suitcases, from the wheels to the handles and with tests such as load test, strength and rolling roads, owners of IT Suitcases can be assured that their new suitcase has been built to last.