Spanning across 65 countries in the world, the Kipling brand is one which is synonymous with style, beauty and functionality. Created in 1987, the Kipling brand has grown over the years to produce a range of ladies’ bags and luggage that demand attention. Full of quality and with an undeniable charm, our selection of Kipling bags are desired across the globe. Furthermore, we are delighted to offer a choice of Kipling Back To School bags for our younger generation. Discover more about the Kipling Bags and find a product that will suit your personal needs perfectly.

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Kipling Bags

The Kipling name came about from a rather famous book: The Jungle Book, written by the well travelled, British author, Rudyard Kipling. In light of an adventure, that three friends were embarking on, the book perfectly encapsulated their spirit and love of adventure and thus the Kipling brand was born.

During a visit to Antwerp, our three friends came across an accident on a loom and discovered crinkled nylon and thus the idea of Kipling was brought to light. The iconic Monkey Mascot is one which accompanies almost every Kipling bag, signifying the playful spirit that was born into the very soul of the Kipling brand. Each Monkey is named after one of the Kipling employees, giving a real personal touch.

Kipling Luggage

We are delighted to be able to offer a range of Kipling Luggage to our customers from the Autumn of 2017. After discovering the charm and personality that has been bred into the brand, we simply could not resist. Each item of luggage from Kipling has been designed to withstand being used and will forego the fickle fashion trends that pass annually. Kipling will always remain in fashion due to its quality, brand association and clever designing to create items which our customers will be proud to be seen using. Additional touches such as comfort features, clever internal packing details and a well thought out exterior, all help to create a piece of luggage that is desirable, functional, and incredibly stylish to boot. The addition of new ranges twice a year, keeps the brand looking fresh but we can’t ever forget the faithful’s. These ranges demand attention and have quickly became a staple necessity in our busy, fast paced world, putting style and quality at the forefront of our minds.

Why buy Kipling Bags from Luggage Superstore?

With such a super choice of products available to our customers, we are confident that we will be able to find a Kipling bag that will suit your needs perfectly. From ladies’ business bags to 4-wheel spinner luggage, Kipling has thought of everything. With the addition of a school bag collection, we are confident that all bases are covered.

If you feel you need some help with choosing your ideal Kipling Bag, please do get in touch with us. Our team are highly experienced and know our product catalogue inside out. We believe in an old fashioned customer orientated service, giving our customers an online luggage shopping experience that other companies cannot rival.