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Eco-Friendly Luggage

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Sustainable Suitcases

As of June 2019, the use of 100% Post-Consumer PET bottles has brought us a small choice of Eco-Friendly Suitcases. In a nut-shell, the PET Bottles are collected and used to create a lightweight but hard-wearing soft sided material which has then been made into suitcases. This material does not very different to any other polyester based materials on the market but one attribute that we do love about it, is that its friendly to the environment too. The promotion of Planet Friendly Luggage is a huge and very positive step forward in the manufacturing processes of luggage and one which we are absolutely delighted to be offering to our customers. Meet our newest and highest quality Luggage made from Recycled Materials at Luggage Superstore.

Lightweight Eco-Friendly Luggage

To date (June 2019) the only Eco-Friendly Luggage that is available to the UK market comes in the form of Soft-Sided Luggage. Will we see Hard-Side Luggage available in the future? Who knows, but we’ll certainly be one of the first to embrace and offer it to our customers. Soft sided luggage is perfect for those who don’t believe in travelling light. If weight is a concern for you when travelling, our huge collection of Soft Luggage is a must-see for you. The addition of Expandable Luggage to our collection of Eco-Friendly Luggage, means that a whole load of extra space can be achieved without extra weight. Soft Side Luggage is also easier to squeeze into small spaces like luggage racks. Many of our soft sided products also offer the option of external pockets for easy access to important items and documents. Overall, we cannot wait to see what the future brings for Eco-Friendly Luggage and Planet Friendly Bags, it’s certainly a step in the right direction for doing our bit to save the planet.