Personal Protective Equipment for Travel

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KN95 Face Masks

As we have covered above, various organisations have suggested that people travelling should wear a Protective FFP2 Face Mask to ensure that they are protected from airborne pathogens. Virus particles are extremely small, much smaller than those associated with dust. Different types of Personal Protective Face Masks filter out different grades of particles. KN95 Face Masks can help to prevent the spread of viruses and pathogens and may potentially be an essential item when travelling. Our Face Masks offered on our website have been privately sourced to not effect essential NHS supplies.

Personal Protective Equipment for Travel

As well as Socially Distancing from one another, the government has advised the frequent washing of hands using warm water and soap for a minimum of 20 seconds. It is important that we all stay alert during this time, stay safe and stay within the government guidelines. The way that we travel in the future is going to change and will be somewhat different to what we have been used to doing over the years. We would like to take a moment to thank our wonderful NHS staff, Key and Frontline Workers for all of the incredible work that we are doing to ensure our own safety.