Coming from the same manufactures of Skyflite Luggage, the Meridian collections offers in excess of 50 years manufacturing and design experience and from this the consumer is able to make an informed choice about what luggage item will be best for them, knowing that they are getting the best money can buy, regardless of the product they choose. Meridian Suitcases combine the experience obtained from Skyflite with an affordable Price tag to give us a delightful collection of luggage that has been built to withstand being used.

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Luggage Sets

Most of our Meridian Suitcases are available in Luggage Sets, providing excellent value for money for the user who likes to be prepared for every eventuality. Typically, each Suitcase Set from Meridian Luggage will have a Large, Medium and Cabin Suitcase, allowing the ultimate choice in sizes for each journey type. Luggage Sets also allow for Matching Luggage, making them the perfect option for the user who desires Luggage that Matches one other, perfectly complementing the stylish traveller. With such a choice on offer in colours and material types, we believe that Luggage UK offers the ideal option for a wide range of customers and ensures that Affordable Luggage is available to everyone.