From February 2018, Luggage UK are delighted to be offering the World’s First Collapsible Luggage to our customer. Neit Suitcases are an innovative and ingenious solution to the never-ending issue of where to store your luggage when it’s not in use. Some of us have the facility to be able to store our suitcases in loft spaces or under the stairs but for the ever-growing city dwelling population, who find themselves living in apartments, storage space is often very limited. The Neit Suitcases offer a solution to this problem by folding down to just 3”, allowing them to be fitted underneath beds or in wardrobes, taking up as little space as possible. Welcome to the world of luggage reimagined and discover this brand new concept that is set to change the way we store our luggage.

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Neit Suitcases

The Neit brand was born to solve the common solution of where and how to store chunky suitcases and luggage when it is not in use. For the traveller who lives in the city, space if often a premium and with more of the population gradually moving towards the bustling city centres for employment, living conditions can become very cramped, with storage space for a large item such as a suitcase being a luxury. Although some of our customers have come up with some ingenious ways of storing their suitcases (including using it as furniture!) Neit have managed to solve this issue by building these innovative suitcases that collapse down to just 3” in height. To further enhance the functionality of the Neit Suitcases, both the foldable Cabin Suitcase and the Collapsible Checked-in Suitcases offer a Carabiner style hook to the handle, allowing the suitcase to be hung in a closet, cupboard or wardrobe.

Folding Luggage

The concept behind this ingenious luggage solution is simple - Its ability to fold down and to be stored under beds or behind doors, next to the ironing board or even hung in the wardrobe. With a stylish outer design that features a moulded protective outer shell and bring fitted with a TSA Lock, Neit has managed to create a product that is not only extremely clever but one which will also fit perfectly into the lives of the modern user. Further to the ability to collapse, the Neit Suitcases features foldable Hinomoto Wheels, giving even greater scope for ensuring that it can fit into small spaces, when needed.

Why Buy Folding Suitcases from Luggage UK?

With over 35 years of luggage expertise under our belts, we know exactly what our customers require from an online luggage merchant. In today’s fast paced world, we know the importance of ensuring that everything is at your finger tips, when you want it to be and this includes a friendly person at the end of the phone if you ever need any assistance with your purchase. Our customers generally fall into 2 categories; Those that have researched their new luggage before coming to us to make a purchase; and those who are not quite sure what they need their new suitcase to do. We are here to help make that purchase as easy as possible and with a team dedicated to answering your questions, we are confident that you will leave the conversation with a clearer idea of what luggage will best suit your needs. Our website is full of information for making the buying process as easy as possible, with clear and detailed images on all of our products, correct and informative descriptions and easy to read icons representing what each product includes. We hope that you find our website easy to navigate but if you ever have any suggestions about how we can improve your shopping experience or have any questions that you do not feel have been answered by our descriptions, please do give us a call on 01732 75329 and a member of our experienced and friendly team will be delighted to help you.

For more information on how your Neit Suitcase can be folded and collapsed, please watch the video below:

Neit - Product Instructions from Néit on Vimeo.