Rowallan of Scotland

Rowallan of Scotland have become a household name for suppling exceptional quality Leather Bags that demand attention. With classical designs and traditional tanning methods being used, the Rowallan Bags are ones which have become highly desirable products that are able to cater to the needs of the modern user. The brand has nearly 40 years of experience in suppling Leather Goods to the UK and it is this experience that ensures that quality and functionality are the priority of every piece. A beautiful Leather Bag by Rowallan is not just a bag that looks good. It’s one which is an investment for the future. It is one which will remain long past the ever-changing fashion trends and it is one which will remain looking great as it ages gracefully. Rowallan of Scotland fits beautifully into our existing Leather Luggage and Leather Bags collections thanks to its striking detailing and classic designing.
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Rowallan Leather Luggage

For the customer who has previously purchased an item of Leather Luggage, you will already be aware of the unique characteristics that leather possesses. For new customers, a purchase of a Leather Bag is one which is as individual as its owner. Due to the natural characteristics of leather, each piece has its own attributes. The design may be the same but there will never be another Leather Bag that is exactly the same as another. Just as our finger prints differ from every other person on this planet, leather is exactly the same. A desirable outer that has a unrivalled durability and while it is not the lightest material for a bag to be constructed from, owners of Rowallan Leather Bags will already know that leather lasts and rather than looking tatty and worn with use, distinct scratches and marks only enhance its natural beauty.

Why Choose Luggage UK for your Rowallan of Scotland Bag?

With approaching 40 years of luggage expertise, Luggage UK are aware that our customers have ever-changing needs and requirements from their bags. We only stock the highest quality bags and luggage available and this is why Rowallan Of Scotland fits neatly within our own beliefs of offering Leather Bags that will last and withstand being used. Over the years we have seen many brands come and go but with a reputation that spans over 38 years, the Rowallan brand continues to be valued for their ability to supply quality bags that look great and that can be used for their intended discipline. At Luggage UK we have a team of friendly sales staff waiting to take your call, so no matter what questions you may have, please do get in touch. Perhaps you are struggling to choose the right size bag or maybe you need Next Day Delivery? Simply give us a call on 01732 753292 and we will endeavour to help to make your purchase of a Rowallan Leather Bag as easy as possible.