Sammies by Samsonite

The Sammies by Samsonite children’s bags range offers a choice of cute character luggage for children. Designed with small bodies in mind, this selection of kid’s bags offers compact shapes that will perfectly fit a child. A lightweight outer and a choice of characters enable a favourite design front to be chosen, giving your child a sense of responsibility for their daily belongings. Sammies by Samsonite feature a choice of children’s travel products, from backpacks, pencil cases, toilet bags and suitcases, giving an option for every eventuality.
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Samsonite Children’s Luggage

For many years now, Samsonite have been creating the highest quality Luggage available. Combining their knowledge of both the ever-changing market and the newest styles, the Samsonite brand is one that continues to grow and one which is well-known throughout the world. The Sammies by Samsonite collections combine the experience that Samsonite gained with unique styles and structures that appeal to our younger children. Styles that demand to be used and ones which are able to withstand the pressures that our young children place upon their luggage. The collection choice is wide and offers many shapes and sizes that are both comfortable to use and great to look at – All rolled into a neat and lightweight package that makes Sammies Children’s Luggage affordable.

Children’s Bags & Luggage

Us parents understand the importance of choosing the right shape, size and weight of our children’s bags and that is why the Samsonite Sammies collection ticks all of the boxes for functionality, style and lightness. Not only is each piece on offer with an incredibly cool character design to the front, the Sammies is also exceptionally comfortable to use thanks to the addition of clever detailing’s such as shaped backpack straps and chest straps to ensure a snug fit. We never want children to be uncomfortable when it comes to the carrying around of bags. The carrying of their own luggage such be a pleasurable experience, not a chore and its thoughtful touches such as this that stand the Sammies by Samsonite collection above many of the others available to the UK market.

Sammies by Samsonite at Luggage UK

For many years, Luggage UK has been offering uniquely designed Children’s Luggage and Bags to our customers. We are parents and we have watched our little ones grow-up. We have wiped sticky finger prints off of backpacks, we have watched as bags are dragged across the floor and we have (unfortunately) endured hours and hours of sitting in airports for delays. With this in mind, we understand the importance of choosing the right Luggage for Children. We appreciate what our children’s bags go through and this is why we will only ever stock Bags for Children that are able to cope with the demands that our little ones place on them. The Sammies by Samsonite brand sits beautifully alongside our current Samsonite collection and we know it will last, so if you are shopping online for tough, affordable and lightweight children’s bags, look no further than Luggage UK.