Samsonite Luggage

Samsonite claim that over 100 years of providing superior products has led to their being established as world-wide leader of the travel products market. They say their ambition is to provide unparalleled durability and dependability in all of their products through leading-edge functionality, features, technology, contemporary aesthetics and design. Samsonite Luggage carries guarantees varying between 2 years and 10 years against manufacturing defects, according to the particular range.

Many of our customers insist on buying the Samsonite brand time after time! All items shown in stock are available for immediate delivery - unlike some of our competitors we don't wait to get your order before ordering the stock.

Samsonite's ranges cater for the discerning traveller who recognises quality luggage both for pleasure and business use. We regularly have low promotional pricing on selected Samsonite ranges. Choose from Hard Shell Suitcases, Soft Side Suitcases, Expanding Suitcases, Trolley Bags, Suit Carriers & Wardrobe Packs, Backpacks and Business Bags as well as a huge choice of Cabin Luggage

To read more about Samsonite Luggage & Suitcases click here.

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Samsonite Suitcases

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or only dig out the suitcase once a year for the family holiday, the safety and security of your personal belongings is an area you can’t afford to compromise on. Samsonite has been excelling in this field for over a century, fusing quality and style seamlessly.

Making a name for themselves as the providers of strong and durable Samsonite Luggage in the UK, the firm offers something for every occasion. At Luggage UK we aim to offer a great selection from the range, from briefcases to backpacks and suitcases to beauty cases including the latest models and best sellers.

Samsonite Luggage Sets

When searching through Samsonite luggage sets online, you are sure to have a number of considerations in mind that will bear an influence on your final decision. The nature of your travel will most likely have the biggest impact on your choice. Those who travel regularly for work may be seeking something sleek, black and slim-line, whereas those about to embark upon an 18-30s holiday are more likely to be searching for Samsonite luggage that sees them through their vacation, without breaking the bank!

Even the most fashion savvy traveller is sure to find something to catch their eye amongst the collection. From striking turquoise hard shell cases to more subtle champagne coloured cases, there is something to suit every taste.

Samsonite Travel Bags

Aside from budget and style, size, shape and usability are also likely to be high on your list of priorities when it comes to finding a new piece of luggage to cover all your needs. Luckily the multinational luggage manufacturer is best known for its easy to use products. With a choice of wheeling options, tripping over your own feet, crashing into other people at the airport and tugging along at a reluctant case are all things of the past.

For cheap Samsonite suitcases that don’t compromise on quality, why not browse through our selection? We offer the latest Lightweight designs and also have a good range of Business Bags and Laptop cases incorporating many practical and innovative features.

These days Samsonite offer far more than their original hard side only suitcase ranges. Whilst hard side cases continue to sell well, today Samsonite offers many well priced and feature rich Soft Sided Luggage products. Many are extremely lightweight, such as the new B-Lite 3 range. Luggage UK's low online prices mean you can be sure of getting a bargain at some of the cheapest prices you'll find on the web. We normally have several products available among our Samsonite Sale products.